Miami Glow Slots

It's quite common to find slot games based around certain parts of the world, whether that's a country, a region, or even a city. In the case of Miami Glow, you can guess where we're headed, and we are going to let you know what we find when we get there.

Another game from a popular developer

This title comes from Microgaming, but it was developed by Snowborn.

You will get the traditional demo

Good news there, as it means you can test everything before devoting any cash to it.

What's the theme in Miami Glow?

Well, with Miami mentioned in the title and a clear glow about things too, you might guess this is based around a neon signs theme. You'll get a taste of Miami from the cocktail and the palm trees and flamingos appearing as well.

Does the neon design work well?

We think so - the background to the reels is dark with no detail, designed to make sure all those neon icons stand out for the best effect. And it works, too - this is an eye-catching slot that may not have much detail, but it does have some excellent potential.

How to play the Miami Glow slot game

This is a five-reel slot with no progressive jackpots and three symbols landing on every reel.

There are two wilds in this game, with one a standard wild and the other labeled as a sticky wild. These can replace almost everything else with one exception - the GLOW icon.

Are there lots of paylines to look forward to?

There are 10, so we guess that might disappoint if you were hoping for more, but it does at least make this an affordable game to check out.

This is the next best thing to a penny slot

Yes, that means you'll need to place two cents on each of those lines, giving you a 20-cent minimum to work with. You can go higher than that, as usual, with other values eventually reaching the maximum of $20 per play.

The paytable is as important as ever

Read up on all the features of the game to learn more before you take the first spin.

Bonus features in Miami Glow

If you land a sticky wild, you'll receive a respin of all the other symbols. Find another one and you'll get another respin. You can continue like this until you get a spin that doesn't land any new sticky wilds on the reels. Of course, any respin could result in one or more prizes, and those are paid when they land.

There is also a multiplier feature up for grabs. This lands randomly, offering one of four multiplier values for that spin. The smallest is 2x but you could get the maximum 10x at the other end of the scale.

Free spins in Miami Glow

If you land the GLOW icon on each of the odd-numbered reels, you can trigger the Glow bonus round. This gives you some free spins that include stacked wilds.

The RTP just tips over the minimum preferred level

The return to player percentage varies depending on the source, but it always reaches a little over the 96% level for this game.

Our rating: Is this a glowing review?

Miami Glow is a cool game, and it offers some excellent features - maybe more than we expected. You can count on a score of 7 out of 10 from us.

There's some reasonable winning potential here

If you look at the top end of the prize chances in this game, you'll find a chance to score up to 5,000x your stake while playing.

Demo play lets you discover more of the features in the game

Since you're playing with demo credits, you can choose to play until you trigger one or more of the features to get a better sense of how it all works.

Check out the real game too

If you like the neon theme, you may well love this one. It's affordable for many players, and by trying the practice one first, you'll get an idea of how far your budget might go.

Mobile gaming with Miami Glow

This slot keeps things simple yet bold with the design, so it looks great on tablets and smartphones too.