Vegas Cash Slots

Almost everyone who visits Las Vegas dreams of walking away with a huge amount of money. While there are many reasons why people come to the city, the most common reason they choose to visit is to gamble. It's the possibility of winning a life-changing jackpot that keeps them coming back.

Design & Gameplay

Twinoplay created the Vegas Cash scratch card game to provide players with a simple yet exciting way to gamble. Although it doesn't provide the same level of excitement as other types of games, it does offer players better odds and a very quick score.

The standard version of Vegas Cash allows players to play for up to four tickets at a time. At the start of each game, they will be asked to select the number of cards they want to play. Bet sizes are also set at around $0.20 to $20, which makes it possible to gamble up to $20 at a time.

The game starts after you have set your bet sizes. At this point, you'll see four different types of covered tickets. You can click on each one to reveal its individual contents, or you can click on all of them at once. Throughout the process, you'll notice that there are six boxes with symbols related to the casino world. These include chips, cherries, diamonds, cash, and various other items.


The icons below are not associated with the specific prizes. Instead, they are designed to allow players to create three-of-a-kind combinations that they can use to win. If you have a matching number, you'll immediately win the prize that appears at the bottom of the ticket. Multiple players can also win more than once if they have played multiple cards.

The different prizes that are available on each card can vary. The smallest amount that's offered is the same as your bet, but larger prizes are also available. Players who can correctly identify the winning combination on the right cards can win big money.

Bonus Features

Although the game doesn't have many features, it does have a couple of functions that can help players get more out of it. One of these is a turbo mode, which can speed up the game by removing the reveal animations. Another feature that can help players is an auto button, which can allow them to run through a thousand hands in just a couple of seconds.

Compared to other types of scratch card games, Vegas Cash doesn't have a lot of features. Most of these allow players to reveal all of the symbols at once, which eliminates some of the drama. It also doesn't have any special ways to win additional money, nor does it have any bonuses.