Book of Atem WowPot Slots

Have you heard of a Wowpot before? This might seem familiar if you have played a few slot games online that feature this element. It's a jackpot, if you hadn't guessed, and this time it comes attached to the Book of Atem slot game. So, if you want to see what's what and how it all works, we've got your back here with plenty of information to go on.

Who developed this slot game?

This game comes from the huge collection on offer from Microgaming. They regularly come up with games released in connection with other developers, and this one sits in that category as well. It was developed with the help of All41 Studios.

They have added a demo to Book of Atem Wowpot

If you've got anything you'd like to understand on a better level before you play the real thing, you can get some answers by loading the demo version of the game.

Can you work out the theme for this one?

Those with any knowledge of ancient Egypt will already know the answer given the title. Atem isn't one of the best-known Pharaohs from those times though, so you have your answer now if you were stuck - as we were!

Expect one of the best designs for an ancient Egyptian slot game

This slot aims to reveal the exotic side of the setting, and it does so in some style. You can see the reels of the game in the center of the screen, but the buildings and trees are situated all around the reels to set the tone.

What should you expect if you play Book of Atem Wowpot slots?

Expect five reels, each offering three symbols. The Wowpot also appears, of course, as this is the biggest progressive jackpot in the game. We say biggest because it also comes with three other smaller ones.

The book of the title is the predictable part, as it follows the usual book-themed slot features in other games. To that end, it works as both a wild and a scatter symbol.

How many lines are there in Book of Atem Wowpot?

You've got 10 lines to play, and while they're fixed, the low quantity makes them quite easy to cover without spending too much doing so.

Bets to consider playing in Book of Atem Wowpot slots

The game qualifies as a penny slot, which means you've got a minimum of 10 cents to spin each time. There are various other possibilities to consider as well, maxing out at $25 per spin.

Paytable information for this slot game

As always, the paytable is a crucial part of the game. You can see what the icons look like, the prizes associated with each, and the various other rules of the game.

Keep your fingers crossed for the jackpot bonus

This appears to have a random trigger, and we guess very few people are ever going to see it occur during their play session. That's because if you do get through to the bonus round, you're assured of receiving one of those four jackpots we mentioned earlier.

If you do get there, you'll see a wheel on the screen. There are several colored segments on the wheel, with half of them appearing in blue. This connects with the smallest jackpot of them all. The fewer the segments, the tougher it is to land one, of course. And there is just one segment that appears in yellow - and this is key to triggering the Wowpot. We guess it's called this because you would say 'wow' if you won it - we're talking about millions here. Whenever someone does scoop it, it resets to a seven-figure sum again.

Free spins might be easier to find!

You can guess this, and you might also guess that three scattered book symbols will take you into this round. You'll receive 10 free spins with a randomly chosen icon to become an expanding symbol as you play. Watch for more books too, because another three would earn you a further 10 spins.

The RTP drops lower for this one

This is quite usual for a jackpot slot, and we guess one that has four jackpots - one of which is life changing - may drop it lower. In any event, it is given as 93.5% in this case.

Did we like the Book of Atem Wowpot slot?

The Wowpot makes this a different prospect to all other book-themed slot games. However, the book is still the key feature, along with free games and a random expanding symbol that might help. It's around 7/10 for us.

Expect news of jackpot winners to crop up occasionally

We know someone won the big prize in April 2021, but has anyone managed to get it since? They're going to grab headlines when they do because the prize really does hit huge levels.

Ancient Egypt is the perfect setting for this Wowpot slot

Atem graces us with his presence in this game, where we find out more about the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. Some practice play will tell you more.

Just 10 cents per spin - and those jackpots await

Few people who play this slot are going to grab one of the big prizes. The biggest prize is the hardest of all to get, too. But you can still be in with a chance at just 10 cents per spin - no need to play more for a chance of winning any of those prizes.

You can also play this one on mobile devices

Whether you want to use a smartphone or a tablet, you can load Book of Atem Wowpot to play it on Android or iOS as you wish.