777 Royal Wheel Slots

What does 777 Royal Wheel mean, anyway? Will it have a royal touch or feature any sevens in it? We are soon going to find out some answers, so get ready to find out whether you can expect some excellent features to crop up in this game.

Who created this slot game?

It's another one from Microgaming, in association with the smaller studio, Pulse 8.

Expect a demo wherever you see the game

Microgaming usually provides players with the opportunity to play a demo version of its games, and the same applies here as well.

It offers a classic theme

There are plenty of standard symbols here, from letters and numbers to the bar symbols and sevens, as the title suggests.

There are some neat elements rolled into the game design

Firstly, there are curtains to either side of the set of reels. This looks like a stage of sorts, with the reels appearing in the center. Behind them, you'll see a wheel too, which we guess is the wheel of the title. Sparkling sequins and bright lights also feature here.

How to play the 777 Royal Wheel slot game

This is a 5 x 3 formatted game, so there's nothing new about this aspect of the title. There are no progressives on offer, but there are some big prizes available via the paytable.

There is a wild crown to look for, which can replace other symbols to help you create winning combinations more easily.

Do you get lots of paylines in this game?

You do - there are 25 of them in play.

Expect plenty of betting options to think about

It's best to consider the range before you play the real thing. You can begin at a penny per line, giving a total bet of 25 cents. With other values going up from there, you can reach the maximum total spin bet of $75.

Paytable info for 777 Royal Wheel slots

As always, make this your first port of call whenever you are checking out a slot for the first time. Even though we're giving you lots of details here, you can still find out plenty of information before you play for the first time.

Bonus potential in this game

The wheel above the reels is known as the Wild Wheel. When it spins - something that occurs randomly - it will stop on a symbol. This symbol will then change into a wild wherever it appears on the reels. Each wild is given a multiplier and you'll then receive a free spin. If this results in a winning outcome, those wild multipliers could be incredibly useful, as you can guess.

There are other respins to find too

While the game doesn't produce any free spin chances, you can trigger a respin whenever you receive a winning combination anywhere in view. All your winning icons stay in place while everything else has a respin. This means that you might end up with a bigger prize for the ones that originally landed. The process also continues until no other prizes are found.

Do we know the RTP for 777 Royal Wheel?

The return to player rating comes in a little on the low side for this one, with a 94.4% figure.

What did we think of the 777 Royal Wheel slot game?

It's decent enough, and with all those sevens in the title, could we score it any lower than seven out of 10? Or maybe 77% out of 100% at most?

What's the best prize you can expect from a spin?

According to our info, the best you can do is 3,133x your bet. We've seen a lot higher, especially for high volatility games like this one, but it's decent enough.

Give it a try before considering whether to play the real game

There is a lot to think about here, as usual, and a few spins of the demo game are sure to help you work out whether 777 Royal Wheel could become a real game for you to play.

Play for real wherever you see Microgaming slots

And there are plenty of casinos that offer those, for sure.

Mobile access to 777 Royal Wheel

Spin the reels of this wheely good slot on your smartphone too, or even your tablet if you have one. This game has only been out for a short while, so it's fully compatible with iOS and Android.