Loyalty Club

At Casino our goal is to reward our players and make their online wagering experience all that it can be. Our Loyalty Club is designed to do just that and offers players a wealth of different rewards and comps that would rival the treasures of the Pharaohs. Unlike other online casinos at Casino we reward players each and every time they play, allowing them to move up through the ranks to earn top loyalty points.

The Tiers Explained

Our Loyalty Club works on a tier system. The system itself is based on points that you earn each and every time you wager. In addition we provide you with a starting deposit of 500 free club points into your Loyalty Club account when you open up a real casino account and start playing for cash. Every €10 wagered you will earn 1 Club Point. Club Points between 0 and 2499 places you in the Blue Tier. You do not have to have any tier maintenance points, which are the Club Points earned that month needed to stay on a particular tier. As you move up through the tiers which move from Blue to Silver, Gold and Platinum your Club Points increase and so does your tier maintenance required. However, you will also start earning bonus points that go from 10% at the Silver level to a whopping 40% at the Platinum level. Needless to say these bonus points really will add to your redeemable point totals each month.

Cashing In On Loyalty Club Points

Club Points can be redeemed or converted into free casino credits. If you are redeeming the points you can do so in blocks of 1,000 points. In addition this same block of 1000 points can be converted into €10 of free casino credits. You can use these credits as you would a deposit into your account on any of the many games offered through Casino.

Extra Bonuses

That isn't all that we offer. You will be able to earn additional casino credits playing specific games. This can really add up since we offer double, triple or even higher bonuses when we feature particular games. This information is all contained in our newsletter that will be emailed to your address on file. We also provide an additional bonus for those that want to do a bit of Loyalty Club saving. If you save your Club Points you can earn both your standard redeemed credit of €10 per 1000 points but you will also earn up to an additional €20 in earned extra credits. Casino Loyalty Club really is designed with players in mind. Check out the casino and get started by opening up a Real Casino Account today.