Rhino Rilla Rex Slots

Welcome to Crazy Tooth Studios, a world of online slot design that is a bit rabbit hole. The good thing about this company is that they tend to take you on a journey to a different place you've never been before. The bad thing is that it rarely works, and at best, it's not very good. The next game on the table is Rhino Rilla Rex. This is a classic Crazy Tooth game that features a variety of strange ideas and one-off presentations.

The game starts out fairly harmlessly. It seems that the studio has gone for a morefuturistic approach, with references to Jurassic Park. There are also four Beast Prizes, some Isla Nublar flora, and a soundtrack that features a lot of sci-fi sounds. It's a fairly normal game, with just a few unusual animals to deal with.

The Rhino Rilla slot machine is available on any device, and it offers a variety of different bet options. It can be played with three RTP configurations, and it can offer a maximum payout of 96.2%. Its volatility is high, and players will get hit with a 28.92% average rate of return on their initial investment. Unfortunately, the way this game is set up makes it hard to see how it can achieve its maximum exposure.

Team Up

The Team Up feature is triggered by landing three or more premium beast symbols on the same line. This activates a new game board, where players can win cash prizes, as well as additional tokens, or even more money if they land multiple of them. Depending on the type of animal that triggered the feature, the total amount of cash that players can win may vary. The game also features a hybrid version of the creature that triggered the feature, which is called Rhino-Rilla.

Bonus Spins

The Team Up feature is similar to the previous one, with slight changes. If three or more of the same beast symbols land on the same line, and one of them has a golden frame around it, then the Team Up Bonus Spins will be awarded. The game board will then be activated, and players will be able to win cash prizes, as well as additional spins or multiplier payouts.

Beast Prizes

The left side of the screen shows four progressive Beast Prizes, which increase in value whenever a premium symbol lands on the same line. The meter beneath each prize has multiple slots, and all of the tokens won from the Team Up feature or the Bonus Spins are filled with these symbols. The required tokens are then added to the meter, and the applicable Beast Prize is awarded based on the seed values of each token.