Space Enigma Slots

Can we unravel the enigma that is the Space Enigma slot game? You're about to find out for sure as we let you know what we thought about this slot when we recently checked it out. The appearance of the game might remind you of one or two others, but does it stand out on its own merit? Let's see.

Who developed this slot game?

Always the best question to begin with, and we can answer it here with the name Microgaming. They've partnered with another of their smaller studio friends, All41 Studios, here.

You can always rely on Microgaming slots to provide a demo version

And that is true of this one as well, thankfully.

What do you think of the theme?

Space Enigma does suggest you're heading into space for this one, and that does prove to be the case. There's a lot of detail in the background though, and the reels are transparent, so you can see even more of what's going on.

This isn't the most complex design, though

Nothing wrong with that, of course, but bear it in mind before loading the game. The icons are various shapes and colors, involving lots of straight lines and angles. It does at least create a look that is replicated throughout the game.

Are you ready to take Space Enigma for a spin?

If you hadn't worked it out already, this is a standard five-reel game with three symbols on every reel. It doesn't offer the chance of any jackpots.

Only one symbol shows up in multiple colors and that's the wild. This looks like a star, and it replaces everything else that might appear. It can show up on the middle three reels of Space Enigma, but not the first or fifth ones.

How many paylines does Space Enigma offer?

There are 10, and if you are beginning to get some Starburst vibes here, you might wonder whether those lines pay in both directions too. And yes, they do - this is a Pays Both Ways game.

How pricey are the bets in this slot game?

They begin from 10 cents a go, so it's quite an affordable one to try, especially with the Pays Both Ways mechanic in action. There are much larger bets you can look at too if you're a high roller - $100 per spin is the biggest of them all.

Find out the size of the prizes inside the paytable

There isn't too much to reveal in there regarding rules or features, but you will see what each of those gems and shapes is worth before you play.

Does Space Enigma have any bonus features to play?

No, there is nothing along these lines to look forward to if you play this game.

What about some free spins?

The game does not offer free spins, but there are respins to look out for. If you've played Starburst by NetEnt, you can guess how they work. Whenever the wild lands on one of those middle reels of the game, it expands, stays in position, and awards one respin. If this should result in another wild appearing, the same thing will occur again. This means the most you can get is three respins with three wilds on screen - and if you get that far, you're guaranteed at least one prize to land and possibly more.

The RTP does reach higher than the standard desired value

We always like to see 96% or more with a slot game, and this one just tips over that at 96.27%.

Our rating: Is it worth unwrapping this Space Enigma?

This is Microgaming's version of Starburst, so it depends on the appearance of the game you like more. It's a simple one to play, but since there are few regular symbols involved, there are better chances of picking up prizes if you play. We're ranking this as a 6.5 out of 10 slot game.

Look for the yellow gem if you can

This is the best paying symbol, and since there is a chance of filling the entire screen with these (or any other gem), this is the way to go if you want the best prize of the game.

The demo introduces you to the idea behind Space Enigma

There's not much of an enigma here, to be honest, but it's still a simple and entertaining game to play with those respins.

Play for real if you like this space-themed game

At just 10 cents to begin with, you can expect to get more out of your budget if you play a few spins of this set of reels.

Also available on mobile

Visit your favorite casino offering Microgaming slots today and you can try this on Android and iOS as well.