Diamond Force Slots

Diamond Force… it doesn't say much about this slot game, does it? It does reveal some information, but until you know more, you won't understand what it involves. That's not a bad thing, of course, but it does mean you are probably eager to find out whether you can find enough in this game to tempt you into a few spins. Let's get started with our review to see if we can find some answers.

Developer details to begin our review

As the game loads, you'll see two names - Crazy Tooth Studio and Microgaming. The second name regularly joins force with smaller studios to create new games, and that's what they've done here.

Diamond Force does provide us with a demo version

This features everything you might expect to see in the real game, so it's an excellent start to make.

Can you work out the theme?

You will when you see the game for the first time. You've got superheroes in action, and they all take on a comic book appearance.

Expect a vibrant design when the game loads

This really does use all the most eye-catching colors you can think of. Expect to spot the superheroes in action, along with glossy letters and numbers along the way.

How to play Diamond Force slots

This one has five reels and four icons per reel rather than the more typical three. You won't spot any progressives in play though.

You won't have much trouble spotting the wild symbol, as it uses that word over the top of a diamond. This can land on the first or fifth reels, replacing everything except for the bonus symbols. These show all four superheroes in a full stack, with BONUS written over the top of them. You'll only find these landing on the fifth reel.

Paylines don't appear in this one

Instead, you get Any Adjacent Pays. All you need to do is to find three or more identical symbols on adjacent reels - even if those reels don't start from the first one. The format in this one offers all conceivable ways that appear, which for a 5 x 4 game is 1,024 ways.

Bets are kept low to start with

The default wager when we loaded the game was $1.50, but we found we could drop this as low as 10 cents. The upper level turned out to be $15.

Be sure you look at the paytable before you play

This tells you more about the game, how it all works, and the range of symbols you'll see there. All the wild and bonus features are covered too.

Can you spot the bonus Team-Up Feature?

You need to find three or four heroes in one spin, all appearing as full-stack symbols. When this happens, another set of reels appears with a reel devoted to each of the superheroes. You'll then see prizes and multipliers on those reels, giving you a bonus prize in the process.

Free spins are possible too - but not in the way you'd imagine

If you can find the stacked superheroes and land a bonus icon on reel five at the same time, you'll get bonus spins instead. Three spins of the separate set of reels will occur. You can get prizes, of course, along with a chance of triggering more bonus spins.

RTP information for the Diamond Force slot game

This figure comes in at a respectable 96.53%, so it does go above the basic desired level of 96%. Good news there for all players.

Our rating for the Diamond Force game

There is more here than you might imagine, and it's certainly quite innovative with its various features. If you want to check it out, try the demo and see whether you agree with our score of 7.5 out of 10.

Can you team up to trigger some prizes?

It looks like the Team-Up bonus is the best place to pick up some better prizes, but you'll need to reach that round first.

Play the demo to meet all the superheroes

It's an action-packed slot game, so if you like that kind of thing, you can begin with the practice title and see what you make of it.

Play for real starting at 10 cents a go

With the chance of some adjacent wins and all those winning ways to play with, we think the 10-cent starting wager is reasonable for this one.

Diamond Force looks dramatic on smaller mobile screens too

You shouldn't have any concerns playing on a touchscreen device, and you can always start with the demo to get a better feel for it. Android and iOS users should be impressed.